Enregistrement Hänsel und Gretel

En début de semaine, nous avons enregistré  en studio avec toute l’équipe artistique la totalité de l’opéra Hänsel et Gretel.
Cet enregistrement va servir au travail des marionnettistes, que nous allons retrouver dans peu de temps : les répétitions scéniques commencent très bientôt, le premier novembre à Clermont Ferrand!
Puis ce sera la première à Lempdes le 17 novembre…. avant le début d’une grande tournée dans (presque) toute la France!

At the beginning of this week, we did a studio recording of the opera Hänsel und Gretel, with the entire artistic team.
This recording will be used by the
puppet masters who need to work with our voices. We are very much looking forward to starting working with them, as our stage rehearsals start on November 1st in Clermont Ferrand…
Soon to be followed by the premiere in Lempdes on November 17th, and then we’ll be touring (almost) all of France!

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  • « (almost) » always the same part is put aside … why?
    That is going to be great Alice!

  • I don’t know Yvette… Sigh… the closest I’m singing is Echirolles, and that’s still what? A 5 hour drive?
    I’ll be in Marseille for Mireille in July ;o)

  • Thanks for keeping in touch even here when you are so busy. I have just read your last post. This show looks very attractive and going back to an old tradition as well. We ‘ll do our best to see it! It would be great to attend all your appearances. So far we have to catch up on La Traviata. Till then, enjoy every minute of it. (I know you do when I recall your singing live and see you on the Traviata Dvd !)

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